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Be Positive and Share the Love!

We haven't blogged for a while but as we do have lots of time on our hands at the moment what better way to spend a sunny Tuesday afternoon then to let all you lovely followers into Fern Flowers life in the Lock Down Period.

As everyone will be feeling, as a country we are going through a very difficult time due to the horrible virus spreading across the whole world. All businesses, big and small, have tired to carry on as normal but the virus has changed the every day life for so many including Fern Flowers.

Sadly, many weddings and events have been postponed for this coming summer as well as meetings with couples and clients which can no longer been carried out.

We know that times are very hard at the moment but we are here with lots of advise and will help in any way we can. We are keeping positive and sending positive vibes and love to all our couples and any other couples who have had to change their wedding date, planning on getting married this year or next!

We are here for everyone and anyone who needs us!

Thinking of the positive;

It has been amazing to see how people, businesses and the whole country has come together to stand strong! We are seeing colourful rainbows everywhere, people helping others such as our amazing hero's, the KEY WORKERS.

One thing which has stuck out for us is that the love that is being shared through social media. We do a lot on Facebook and Instagram, linking us to many amazing businesses in the same industry. The love we are seeing and receiving from all different suppliers, and followers, is incredible!

And we are sharing it and sending it right back!

If you are stuck at home, take the time to look at some of the small businesses that Norfolk has to offer, read their story, look through their images and see how creative and amazing they all are!


If you have had the pleasure to working with some of those suppliers, share their page or leave a review. Let them know what an amazing job they did, what amazing work they provided for special event. This will make their day!!

One last thing for today:

Everyone, please do stay home as much as you can, stay safe and stay positive!

Sit in the sunshine, go for a walk, get those lungs some fresh air! Share the love!

Share the love

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