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Hello Fern Followers!

So here we go!! This is the first Fern Flowers Blog and I'm looking forward to sharing my exciting journey with you all!!

So I have had a busy week within the flower world, meeting some lovely brides, prepping for Easter week and visiting the amazing Hockwold Hall.

I always love visiting Hockwold Hall, such a beautiful venue which takes my breath away every time!! And I got a warm welcome from their stunning cats, one named Hermione!!

So today is all about planning for Easter! This means Chocolate as well as Flowers!!

I can not wait for Easter weekend! Of course everyone loves Chocolate but when I was younger I always loved doing a Easter Egg Hunt! The whole family joined in and we would have such a great time. Leading up to Easter I have been seeing lots of cute, Rabbits and Bunny like things within every shop and of course every type of Easter Egg you could think of!

I am very excited to be starting the Fern Flowers Blog and I very much look forward to sharing my flower stories with you all!!

Happy Sunday everyone!!

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