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The Best Wedding Season!

We have had the best Wedding season with so many beautiful and stunning weddings, meeting fabulous couples along the way.

As you can all tell I'm not great at posting on this blog but we have had such as busy summer spread the love through flowers! Hopefully we will have a little bit more time to share some of our best bits from this season with all our Fern Followers. #watchthisspace

I love creating wedding flowers for each individual couple, working along side them so that they can have their perfect day. Every single wedding is personalised to fit them and their special day.

One of the best parts of my job is being able to see them on the morning of the big day, arriving with armed filled with flowers! The reactions I receive from brides when handing over their bridal bouquets are the best and makes me love my job 1000% more. The flower girls are always a magical part of the morning, making them feel like a princess with a fairy flower wand. Watching their face light up as they wave their wand, spreading the love around the room.

Now a days the Wedding season is spread out more so we do still have lots of weddings to go before Christmas and the new year and we are looking forward to each one.

We are also so excited about Christmas!! It's only around the corner you know!

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year!! I love the winter, autumnal weather and if we are lucky some snow! This magical time of year is the perfect time spend with family and friends and just spread the love to everyone you know putting everyone in the best moods.

We will be holding three fun filled Workshop Evenings where we will be making Christmas Door Wreaths. It is so lovely to meet all different people who create such beautiful wreaths to hang proudly on your front door. CAN NOT WAIT!!

Well I think we are kinda up to date, for now at least! Other wise I will keep talking for ever! aha

So happy autumn everyone-WINTER IS COMING

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